A Bloody Huge Thank You!

Thank you everyone who came out to Lil’ Bloodies II: Return of the Bloodies tonight! Thank you, Mark the Movieman for being an awesome MC, and especially, thanks to Time Community Theater, and all the hardworking volunteers, for hosting this frightfully wonderful mini fest! We heard a lot of positive feedback and are definitely planning on a Lil’ Bloodies 3!

About Mojodawn

I've been a fan of the horror genre all my life, ever since I accidentally saw the "Here's Johnny" scene from The Shining in the theater as a child. I don't consider myself a reviewer, but I do have a blog where I write my thoughts on some of the films I watch. I've been attending independent film festivals for many years and was a committee member of the North East Wisconsin (NEW) Horror Film Festival since 2016.
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