Lil’ Bloodies II Return of the Bloodies

A curated horror-comedy mini-festival!

7 pm Saturday, June 15th, 2024
Doors Open at 6:30 pm
The TIME Community Theater
445 N Main St
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Meat Me in Plainville (2011)
*Runtime: 28 minutes
*Director: Greg Hanson & Casey Regan
*Summary: In an alternate present where the consumption of human meat is not only socially acceptable, but it is the only form of meat available, a father and daughter with a strained relationship must escape together as their small suburban town descends into crazed cannibalism.

Make a Wish (2020)
*Runtime: 9 minutes
*Director: Dinh Thai
*Summary: A light-hearted comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever.

Melon Head (2012)
*Runtime: 14 minutes
*Director: Andy Fortenbacher
*Summary: The only way to a woman’s heart is to scare the hell out of her.

The Horrible Adventures of Dracula (2018)
*Runtime: 6 minutes
*Director: Matt Kollar
*Summary: Trying to make himself famous again, Dracula hires a film crew to shoot a Pilot for a tv show about his life in the Public Domain with his best friend, the storytelling goose Madre Ganso. But when a crew member cuts his finger on a cursed-relic in their roommate Janet Van Helsing’s room, things take a decisively demonic turn.

Noirmageddon: A Mark Anvil Thriller (2012)
*Runtime: 23 minutes
*Director: Thomas Berdinski
*Summary: Private Investigator Mark Anvil gets more than he bargained for when his chance encounter with an escapee from the local insane asylum leads him to a brutal murder and maybe, just maybe, the end of the world… ‘Noirmageddon – A Mark Anvil Thriller’ is an homage to (and occasionally a spoof of) ‘Film Noir’ (with aliens and shark attacks) by the makers of ‘The Giant Rubber Monster Movie’ and ‘The Italian Zombie Movie’.

Wet T-Shirt Zombies (2018)
*Runtime: 9 minutes
*Director: Andrew Shearer
*Summary: Young women sharing a hotel room accidentally use a bath bomb that turns them into zombies.

Blood, Bitch, & Popcorn (2015)
*Runtime: 16 minutes
*Director: Fabio Soares
*Summary: Lily, is a bored waitress at Salt n’ Sugar – a popcorn bar in the middle of nowhere –  and the scapegoat of her colleague Melody. Her daily frustrations are piling up until the day two strangers show up into the bar. Helped by her Subconscious, Lily turns her life around… and her Winchester up from under the counter!

Grave Sight (2019)
*Runtime: 7 minutes
*Director: Angus Swantee, Walter Forsyth
*Summary: Grave-robbing Tanya, with her precious hubby Preston in tow, unearths a cursed ring and unleashes a powerful demon hellbent to get it back by any means necessary.

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