Meet the SCFF Committee

Welcome to the Sawdust City Fright Fest! Take a look around and get to know us! Each of us offers unique perspective and experience to make this a diverse and interesting experience for our independent horror loving community.

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Dawn Schroeder – I’ve been a fan of the horror genre all my life, ever since I accidentally walked in on the “Here’s Johnny” scene from The Shining in the theater as a child. I don’t consider myself a reviewer or critic or anything like that, but I do have a blog where I write my thoughts on some of the films I watch. I’ve been attending independent film festivals for many years and was a committee member of a different film festival since 2016. I dabble with horror inspired crafting and art as well.

Todd Wolbers – My first memory of being petrified with fear came in 1972 in front of our black-and-white TV. The movie trailer for Frogs hopped into my home, made my eyeballs bulge and heart nearly croak. An image of a large frog eating a hand will stick with me for all time! I grew up watching Vincent Price movies, especially riveted by any of the Roger Corman adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven, The House of Usher, etc. Never over-the-top blood baths, but the more subtle, psychological and/or fun frights get me. Folk horror (like The Wicker Man, The Apostle, The Village, The Ritual) definitely falls in my hair-raising wheelhouse, but I’ll watch almost any movie…except those with violence against puppies (NO!!!). Hope you enjoy this year’s selection of scary shorts (just like Dad wears).

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