Wrap-up for the 2022 SCFF

We want to offer congratulations and THANK YOU to all the outstanding filmmakers who contributed and supported us and audience members and fans who came out to help us make the 2022 Sawdust City Fright Fest a wonderful success! It was two days filled with fun and an opportunity to meet in person and celebrate independent horror. We raised some money for the non-profit, volunteer based TIME Community Theater, we met new people and made new friends. This is exactly what our goal is, to create a safe, friendly environment for fans and creators of indie horror film.

Our post-fest adrenaline rush has us looking at plans and dates for 2023, as well as ways to improve everyone’s experience. So, check back here or on our Facebook page for updates and as always, Support Your Local Filmmakers!

About Mojodawn

I've been a fan of the horror genre all my life, ever since I accidentally saw the "Here's Johnny" scene from The Shining in the theater as a child. I don't consider myself a reviewer, but I do have a blog where I write my thoughts on some of the films I watch. I've been attending independent film festivals for many years and was a committee member of the North East Wisconsin (NEW) Horror Film Festival since 2016.
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